It's like home “I stayed at DSLV because after five years I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. It’s like home”

Year 12 Student
DSLV awarded "Inclusion Quality Mark" Flagship Status - February 2013 "Inclusion is central to all that the academy does and underpins the academy’s values of belonging, friendship, respect, responsibility, independence and ambition."
Loads of friends “DSLV is a fun and exciting place to learn in. I have made lots of new friends since coming here”

Year 7 Student
Positive Attitudes to Learning “Students are friendly, courteous and well mannered. They show positive attitudes to learning and respect their teachers" Ofsted 2013
Assemblies “I like assemblies because our mummies get to come and watch us”

Year 2 Student
PE "I like DSLV because lessons are fun and teachers are friendly. PE is my favourite subject as I love sport. Year 8 student

Welcome to DSLV

An all through academy for 3 to 19 year olds – challenging all to achieve their potential.

  We are proud of our record of success at DSLV and aim to be creative and innovative. Our first Ofsted Inspection as an all-through academy commented that, "This is an improving a result, students' achievement is improving".   DSLV is an Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship School and our most recent report in May 2014 stated that, “Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village is indeed a place where the invisible scaffolding to support each child and their family means that the focus on learning is welcomed and real." 

Over the last few years we have improved achievement at GCSE.  Although we have been affected by the volatility predicted for results in 2014, our most able students achieved more highly than in 2013; exceeding their targets.  We have large numbers of students studying for Triple Science and the Ebacc and continue to have success in our specialist subject of Engineering.  Our staff are ambitious for their students and hardworking, for example running extra sessions for examination classes on Saturday mornings and during the holidays.

 At KS2 the 2014 results show an improvement of 34% achieving Level 4 in both English and Mathematics over the last three years.  The academy has been above the government’s floor target for the last two years.  We are proud of our young people and their achievements.

We successfully launched a Sixth Form for A Level students in September 2011 with a dedicated Sixth Form area and facilities.  Results at A Level have improved across the board and we are pleased that all of our university applicants gained places in both 2013 and 2014.  Our Sixth Form is small (normally between 100-120 young people) which means that the students receive a high level of support and guidance from their teachers.

Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village is an all-through academy for children of nursery age to nineteen.  We believe that it is of immense benefit for young people to be able to move upwards through our academy rather than having to transfer to different schools as they become older as this is often associated with dips in achievement or unhappiness.  The launch of our Pathways Curriculum from Year 7 has been a huge success meaning that pupils have a curriculum and teaching which is adapted to their needs.  We have also introduced an extended day every Thursday so that all DSLV pupils participate in clubs and activities. 

We are delighted that many children continue to join us in Year 7 from around twenty other primary schools across the South West of Northamptonshire, as the quality of education at DSLV is widely recognised.  We will continue to develop throughout this year so please keep a regular check on the website for the latest news.

David Howell
Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village

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